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The Space

The 4th-Space Meditation Centre is located in a shared studio building in Schaerbeek, Brussels.The architecture of the space is structured to facilitate an immersive experience of 4th-Space Meditation.4th Space Meditation is centred around the proposal that our being is extended to a spatial fourth dimension. This fourth space adds a space of 'not-being' to our observable third-dimensional reality of 'being'.

The Practice of 4th-Space Meditation

4th Space Meditation is a method designed with a specific focus on the interconnectedness between the third and fourth spatial dimensions.By advancing oneself in this expanded view of reality, one can experience conscious expansion and a greater sense of autonomous power.As the fourth space can only be a sensed reality, the meditation practice involves connecting sense perception with visual perception - which defines conscious expansion.The meditation practice is done with eyes open and lasts for a duration of 24 minutes. During the twenty-four minutes, the practitioner sits under the "Interdimensional Conscious Expansion Beam" focuses on the tip of the sublime triangle in front of them. simultaneously, creating an awareness space that follows the line going from the tip, through the centre of their body, to the luminous space above, and back through the beam to the tip on the mat.The practitioner, while focusing on this, uses their mind to sense the light above. Creating a conscious expansion between these two points.


Since the late 19th century, the concept of a fourth-dimensional space has ignited contemplation about an alternative mystical and spiritual reality. The philosopher Ouspensky referred to it as the realm of 'Cosmic Consciousness.'
Charles Hinton's book, 'A New Era of Thought,' epitomizes this fascination, reverberating in art, particularly through movements like cubism, which based on this idea, redefined the foundations of perception.
Fast forwarding more than 100 years, 4th-Space Meditation Centre carries this exploration and fascination, seeing in the possibility of a fourth dimension of space a better way to describe our sense of being.
Not by ascribing a higher consciousness to this space but rather by regarding our existence as extending into a higher-dimensional reality where consciousness and subjective awareness are facilitated. While, furthermore, providing a framework to explain phenomena like 'non-locality' and 'synchronicity'.
To bring us into a personal journey and relationship with our being extended into this space is the foundational objective of the meditation practice.
However, this journey extends beyond the individual; it encompasses the collective as well. The existence of a four-dimensional space implies that humanity's collective pursuit has revolved around grasping an imperceptible sense of being. The existence of a fourth space fosters a culturally unified link to the spiritual realm.

4th-Space meditation Centre is founded and produced by the contemporary artist and philosopher Dome Wood
Born 1974, in Melbourne, Australia, Dome Wood has lived in Europe for the past 26 years with the last 8 years based in Brussels.
With a longstanding interest in spirituality and universal models of existence throughout his artistic career, Dome Wood's journey took a transformative turn in 2019 with a pivotal realisation about the significance of a fourth-dimensional space and its potential to address the universal thirst for spiritual understanding. This epiphany inspired his initial investigation into the concept of a meditation centre, with the exhibition "Artificial Meditation Centre" launched in collaboration with Rectangle, a project space based in Brussels. However, he felt that he wasn't fully prepared to manifest the idea into a real meditation centre.Instead, in 2020, he used the basis of this idea to co-found The Agprognostic Temple. This platform served as a nomadic exhibition space for art centred around spirituality. Over the course of three years, Dome Wood continued to develop his ideas about the concept of a four-dimensional space in conjunction with a meditation practice. Eventually, feeling that the time was right, he transitioned the concept into what is now known as 4th-Space Meditation Centre.


Monthly Event:
Sonic Meditation by Karolien Polenus.

Once a month, on Tuesday evening at 20:00, Karolien Polenus will conduct an extended 1-hour version of her non-singularity performance intervention.Only nine spots are available; to book, click on the link below.

Karolien Polenus is a sound alchemist from Brussels with her own sound healing practice

Non-Singularity Performance Series




Friday, June 21 from 8-9pm. The performance will start at 8pm.
Limited to 15 people.

Non-Singularity Performance Series is a series of performances hosted by the centre.This series is intended to express the inherent nature of the universe as a non-singular entity—a construction of oneness and not-oneness.
We emerge from this oneness-not-oneness in the fourth space as 'being-not-being.'
This challenges the concept of the "non-duality" ideal of ultimate oneness, suggesting instead that all beings exist as a composition of opposites within the polarity of concepts.The performance series invites artists to reflect on and interpret this notion in a manner that resonates with their own performance practice, aiming to immerse the audience in a unique meditative experience.

Special Event: AFTERFORM an exhibition with Raphaël Lecoquierre and Xavier Mary

4th Space Meditation Centre, Brussels